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Advertising Team Handout

Lesson plan for meeting with Advertising Team

CMMN-A401-002 Law of Mass Comm Finding Court Briefs Handout

Handout with instructions for finding court briefs and other legal documents in library subscription databases and freely available online.

Digital Communications Digital Hygiene Lecture

Digital Communication - Digital Hygiene.pdf
Lecture on personal digital archiving best practices for Digital Communications

Digital Communications Mapping Assignment

Handout for in-class or online assignment to clean and edit data using Excel/Google Sheets and then map using Google My Maps for Digital Communications, CMMN-A201

Digital Communications Spreadsheet Assignment

Handouts for in-class or online assignment for analyzing and visualizing data using Google Sheets/Excel for Digital Communications, CMMN-A201

Digitization and Don Quixote

Slides for lecture on digitization, digital humanities, and Don Quixote. Includes link to Google Slides (see below in Identifier) as well as accessible PDF of slides.

Evaluating Sources

Offers a step-by-step protocol for evaluating sources

HIST A202 Evaluating Sources Activity

This Google form functions as a classroom activity, a graded assignment, and an information literacy assessment covering source evaluation for beginning History majors.