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Writing and Citing.mp4
A video tutorial that introduces students to the basic concepts they need to know to properly document sources. Includes exercises and a list of resources at the end.

Lesson plan for meeting with Advertising Team

mapping planning worksheet.pdf
Worksheet to assist in organization of content for planning map using StoryMapJS ( tool

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FYSHONSH121 Primary Source Analysis Worksheet.pdf
Worksheet to guide evaluation of primary source document. Used with Gale Archives of Sexuality & Gender.

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Handout for creating a map using StoryMapJS ( for Beyond Stonewall: The Cultures of US Gay Liberation, Honors First Year Seminar HONS-H121-033

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Choosing Course Materials Diagram colors w CCBy.jpg
A graphic that helps faculty find and adopt affordable learning materials for their courses

Handout with instructions for finding court briefs and other legal documents in library subscription databases and freely available online.

CMMN A101 Communications Writing.docx
Video and written tutorials on a library research assignment for Communications Writing.

image #1
Set of practice files for students to create a film. They were created to be used with Camtasia, but are not specific to that software.

Practice files include:
- script
- storyboard
- image #1
- video clip #1 (hosted externally, see linkā€¦