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Advertising Team Handout

Lesson plan for meeting with Advertising Team

Religion, Media, Culture

Slideshow demonstrating how secondary sources should be integrated into the text of an essay

Evaluating Sources

Offers a step-by-step protocol for evaluating sources

Writing and Citing

Writing and Citing.mp4
A video tutorial that introduces students to the basic concepts they need to know to properly document sources. Includes exercises and a list of resources at the end.

FYS Module 3: Source Evaluation

Module 3 Source Evaluation No Links.mp4
Short video introducing easy mnemonic for evaluating free online sources

WAL Information Literacy Slide Show

Video designed specifically for Writing About Literature's information literacy learning objective as part of the Loyola Core Curriculum

Get It From the Library

Get it from the library.pdf
Infographic detailing checkout procedures during COVID-19 pandemic (Fall 2020)

HIST A202 Evaluating Sources Activity

This Google form functions as a classroom activity, a graded assignment, and an information literacy assessment covering source evaluation for beginning History majors.

Beyond Stonewall Honors FYS Primary Source Analysis Worksheet

FYSHONSH121 Primary Source Analysis Worksheet.pdf
Worksheet to guide evaluation of primary source document. Used with Gale Archives of Sexuality & Gender.

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