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mapping planning worksheet.pdf
Worksheet to assist in organization of content for planning map using StoryMapJS ( tool

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Handout for creating a map using StoryMapJS ( for Beyond Stonewall: The Cultures of US Gay Liberation, Honors First Year Seminar HONS-H121-033

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Materials from workshop conducted for library liaisons as part of TLT/Faculty Development/Digital Scholarship.

Instructions for using the Monroe Library Reading List tool (AKA Curriculum Builder) to link to library materials in Blackboard course.

image #1
Set of practice files for students to create a film. They were created to be used with Camtasia, but are not specific to that software.

Practice files include:
- script
- storyboard
- image #1
- video clip #1 (hosted externally, see linkā€¦

Storyboard template worksheet to be used as an organization tool for research projects where a film is the final product.